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Product Specs:
Motor: Dual 6368 Belt Motor 1500 Watt*2 170KV 
ESC: Custom 12S High Voltage High Efficiency Hobbywing ESC W/ Hall Sensor and No Speed Limits
Remote:Ergonomic  Hobbywing Remote with 4 Speeds, 2.4G transmission, With Oled Display Screen. Special Feature of Remote ON/OFF to Turn boards ON/OFF.
Brake: Regenerative Brake And Safe Brake. Never Throw You Off.
Battery Packs: 12S3P Bak 21700 5000mAh 15Ah 666Wh Battery Pack
Truck: Forged for durability, Perfect for off road terrains. 13.5inches Truck Wheel to Wheel with Double KingPin 
Pulley: 36T Pulleys for 90mm Orange Wheels;
           40T iWonder Pulleys for 120mm Grey Cloud Wheels.
Belt: (5M-260mm-15mm) for 90mm Orange Wheels
        (5M-275mm-15mm) for 120mm Cloud Wheels
Wheel Options: 90mm Orange Wheels, 97mm Glow Wheels(Comes in Pink and Green, Comment The Color, We will get you that color Wheels), 105mm Mad Wheels, 120mm Cloud Wheels, 150mm Pneumatic Wheels and Compatible with Many Other Popular Wheels in the Markets.
Deck: 7 Ply of Canadian Maple and 2 Ply of Bamboo 
Deck Width: 23.5cm 
Deck Length:92.7cm
Deck Thickness: 1.5cm
Grip Tape: All Black 2mm EVA Foam Grip Tape for Much Better Vibration Absorption
Deck Screws: Much Thicker Screws and Threaded Inserts to Eliminate the breaking
Weight: 10 kg(RS Pro with 90mm Wheels)
               12kg(RS Pro with 120mm Cloud Wheels)
Max Load: 150 kg / 330 lbs 
Top Speed: 45-50KMPH (28-31MPH) 
Real World Range: 50KM(31Miles) On 120mm Grey Clouds:
(Andrew Penman, 96KG Big Guy w/ Another 2kg Backpack, Got 52.8Kms in His Range Tests. )
90*62mm Orange Wheels: (Range Number To be Provided, Should be Longer)
Charger: 50.4v, 2.5A Charging Current, Charging Time 6-7H
Hill Climb: 25-30%
Gear Ratio: 1:2.4(90mm Orange Wheels); 1:2.7(120mm Grey Cloud Wheels)
Slow Mode: 18mph (30 km/h) 
Medium Mode: 25mph (40 km/h) 
Fast Mode: 45-50KMPH(28-31MPH)
Pro Mode: 45-50KMPH(28-31MPH) (Faster Acceleration)

ETA: (Depending on Shipping Methods)
Air Ship: 10-25 Days After Shiped
Truck Ship: 21-35 Days After Shipped
Sea Ship USA: 25-35 Days After Shipped
Sea Ship Canada Australia: 40-70 Days After Shipped