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Product Specs:
Motor: Dual 6368 Belt Motor 1500 Watt*2 170KV
ESC: Custom 12S High Voltage High Efficiency Hobbywing ESC W/ Hall Sensor and No Speed Limits
Remote:Ergonomic  Hobbywing Remote with 4 Speeds, 2.4G transmission, With Oled Display Screen. Special Feature of Remote ON/OFF to Turn boards ON/OFF.
Brake: Regenerative Brake And Safe Brake. Never Throw You Off.
Battery Packs: 12S3P Bak 21700 5000mAh 15Ah 666Wh Battery Pack
Truck: Forged for durability, Perfect for off road terrains. 13.5inches Truck Wheel to Wheel with Double KingPin 
Pulley: 60T Pulleys
Belt: (5M-340mm-15mm) 
Gear Ratio: 1:4
Wheel Options: Also Compatible W/ 90mm Orange Wheels, 97mm Glow Wheels, 105mm/120mm Cloud Wheels and 150mm Pneumatic Wheels 
Deck: 7 Ply of Canadian Maple and 2 Ply of Bamboo 
Grip Tape: All Black 2mm Thick EVA Foam Grip Tape for Better Vibration Absorption
Deck: 7 Ply of Canadian Maple and 2 Ply of Bamboo 
Deck Width: 23.5cm 
Deck Length:92.7cm
Deck Thickness: 1.5cm
Weight: 13kg(RS with 150mm Pneumatic Wheels)
Max Load: 150 kg / 330 lbs 
Top Speed: 45-50KMPH (28-31MPH) 
Range: 35-40 Kilometers (21-25 Miles)
Charger: 50.4v, 2.5A Charging Current, Charging Time 6-7H
Hill Climb: 25-30%
Slow Mode: 18mph (30 km/h) 
Medium Mode: 25mph (40 km/h) 
Fast Mode: 45-50 KMPH (28-31MPH) 
Pro Mode: 45-50 KMPH (28-31MPH) (Faster Acceleration)

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