Lou is the revolutionary board to get you where you are going, go for a cruise, or practice some tricks. Lou combines effective transportation with the freedom of skateboarding. Never before has there been an electric ride-on product with motorized wheels that are so easy and quick to change, giving Lou a longer lifespan and a continually fresh ride.


With the double drive, she is more powerful than any electric short board on the market, yet she offers a simplicity and elegance that has never before been seen in electric ride-ons. Unlike other electric ride-ons, Lou’s motor is silent so you can hear the rush of the wind while you ride. Lou is also water resistant that you can ride in any type of weather.

Lou is easy to use. The board comes with its own remote control and is compatible with the LOU smartphone app to help you customize your riding experience. Lou comes complete with a two-year warranty on the non-electronic components of the board and a one year warranty on the motor and battery.