Elwing is an independent company created in 2016 and 97% owned by its founders and their families.

Innovation is everywhere at Elwing. We incorporate the latest technology into our products and make them modular to maximize their usefulness and durability. We eliminate all non-essential intermediaries that separate the user from the product. No wholesalers, no import companies, no communication, advertising or press relations agencies. We cultivate a very low acquisition cost and maintain consistent and transparent margins. This promise of frugality requires constant reinvention, digitizing all facets of our business and removing everything that is not essential to our clients. Our prices are consistent and stable throughout the year, we do not make sales.

We multiplied our turnover by 5 in 2018, when we decided to eliminate one intermediary (distributor) and lower our prices by 38%. Since then we have doubled our turnover every two years. Our growth continues to accelerate and our team is growing.

Our goal: to refocus the value chain on what really matters to the customer.