Loaded X Unlimited

Unlimited Engineering and Loaded Boards, Inc. have partnered to bring you premier electric skateboard conversion kits and complete electric skateboards. As they say, Teamwork Makes the Dream Work. And remember, there is no I in Team (but there is an M and E).

Unlimited’s History:

Unlimited was formed in Barcelona in 2016 by a group of good friends. Carlos, Juan Pablo, and Alejandro originally founded the company, and Andres and Nicolas came aboard shortly thereafter. With strong tech backgrounds, years of building race cars for the university circuit, and numerous advanced degrees in engineering (including a PhD in engineering, 3 masters in engineering, and an MBA from MIT), they teamed up to build cutting-edge electric vehicles. All five are avid skaters and mountain bikers. They initially launched an electric skateboard conversion kit via Kickstarter and IndieGoGo in 2017 that quickly sold out.