*** Due to circumstances beyond our control, the brand is no longer available. ***

From our youngest age, we have always liked to go fast. We founded the LaCroix Board Co. because Back to the Future 2 has been out for almost 30 years and where is the hoverboard?


Jokes aside, we have ridden boards for 25+ years (skateboards, snowboards, kiteboards, longboards, fat skis, surfboards) and have matched our enthusiasm for technology with our love for any kind of board strapped to our feet.

Why “LaCroix” you ask, oh curious boarder? Because the Mount Royal mountain (bump?) is the heart of Montreal where we live. We spent a lot of time testing our boards on Camilien-Houde road, its long 4.2 km hill. The bump has an iconic cross on top of it and “la croix” means “the cross” in French.