Monsta Fresh is a team of young entrepreneurs who love sports and recreational activities rather than working on technologies alone. We have been in the eCommerce business for the last 5 years and now we start our own online store for people who wish to spent more time surfing. However, we value teenagers, school and college kids equally. They had always loved our board designs and quality. As we were in college we love moving around in boards and by the time e-boards started emerging suddenly, we share thoughts among friends to work on our own e-board company.

We know that the only way to make a living doing what we love is to treat our customers better than anyone. We’re not the biggest company in the world (yet – we do have plans for world domination), but we’d put our customer service to the test against anyone. How do we show our love? We work to have the best prices, carry an enormous selection of gear and answer emails quickly, know our product, and ship super fast. Oh – and we fix our mistakes. No business is perfect and on those rare occasions when we make mistakes, we take care of our customers every time.