Do It Yourself

Do you want to guarantee that your board is truly one of a kind that no one else can get to express your style while shredding around? With our unique custom skateboard builder, creating your own dream customized board is a fun, simple, and accessible process.

With our Do-it-Yourself Customization tool, you'll love the versatility of choosing from different types of wheels, motors, speed controllers, and remote controllers. You'll be able to see what your board will look like before ordering it. We can help you build skateboard decks, wheels, and accessories in various designs and colors so you can fulfill your longboard customization dreams and easily make your own skateboard to suit your taste and lifestyle. Get ready to fine-tune your performance and show off your own style!

A strong, smart, and stylish ride is within your reach — check out our range of electric custom skateboards today to learn more.