Our boards at Eovan are based off and inspired by performance muscle cars. Peter Chen, the founder of Eovan, is a big fan of fast cars. As a supercar owner, he loves impressive performance and driving fast, and he wanted to translate that into an electric skateboar. 

After riding an electric skateboard for the first time, Peter was hooked and wanted to make it even better. In the beginning, his project to make the best board was purely for himself to enjoy. However, he soon realized that the parts and components out on the market were not enough to make the board of his dreams. He started to pay engineers to help design and customize key parts for his board. He soon came to the conclusion that he was onto something. Peter quit his job and spent time and money creating quality parts to use and sell.

One year later, Peter finished his electric skateboard with a custom VESC and custom motors which were made by him and his engineer partners. They kept at it, doing tests and improvements, and later built the company, Eovan Tech. Peter and his engineers wanted to share the new board to riders around the world. 

Eovan team launched the board as a project on Indiegogo, but his result was disappointing. Due to poor promotion and problems behind the scenes, the project never reached its goal and failed.