Founded by engineers and designers in 2015, MAXFIND wants people to use a new generation of better electric skateboards without compromising. Hub motor skateboards are safer and more secure than belt motor skateboards- efficient, easier to maintain, more concise and fun. Today, MAXFIND is the pioneer and leader in hub motor skateboarding. We believe that the hub motor is the future of electric skateboarding.              

In 2014, when the founder of MAXFIND, riding a belt motor skateboard on a weekend, passed a common gravel road, the skateboard suddenly stopped, and people flew out and fell a few meters away. Later he found that it was because a stone stuck in the gap between the belt and the motor and caused the system to stop working. Ben later found out on the Internet that many consumer have experienced similar accidents. When people skate through the complicated road conditions such as sandstone roads or stagnant water, objects such as sand or small stones may stick the gap between the belt and the synchronous wheel quite easily, causing the skateboard to stop working and people may just fall. The injury event, and the exposed belt motor structure is a deadly design flaw. This problem greatly reduces the safety and fun of using skateboards. As a designer, the fatal flaw in this design is unacceptable.