Dual Motor Mechanical Kit

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V7 Motor Mounts - NOW IN STOCK.

What's Included?

  • (2) 218mm Trucks
  • (2) *NEW V7* Bigger Better Stronger Motor Mounts (Reverse/Outward)
  • (2) 16T HTD5 15mm Motor Pulley 
  • (2) 40T HTD5 15mm ABEC or KEGEL Drive Wheel Pulley
  • (2) 370mm HTD5 15mm Belt
  • (4) 90mm Black Wheels (ABEC)
  • (2) 1/8" Risers
  • (8) High Speed ABEC Bearings
  • (4) Bearing Spacers
  • (8) Deck Hardware
  • *MOTORS NOT INCLUDED. Optional Upgrade.

How Fast Is The Dual Motor Mechanical Kit?

We recommend using a 12S Battery Setup (44.4v).

Top speed can range from 30-45mph depending on the gearing ratio you choose.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose between the TorqueBoards Bolt On Motor Mount 50mm vs 63mm Spacing?

The 63mm is compatible with our higher performance 6380 190KV 4580W Motors6374 190KV 3150W, 6355 190KV motor setups.

Do you have different colored Motor Mounts?

Currently, for the new V7 Motor Mounts we only offer them in Black.

Can I pick my wheel color?

Yes, we have 3 different wheel options to choose from.

Is there an option to upgrade Trucks?

We have made the 218mm Trucks a standard option for this dual mechanical kit.