Zenit Mini Marble DK V2 Longboard Deck

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Two kicktails for twice the fun!

Who said dreams don’t come true? Tell them they’re wrong, then show them this piece of art! The Mini Marble DK V2 now has a more freestyle oriented build with flattened out features that can still handle freeriding just as well.

With much milder micro-drops, you’ll be able to even out those ollies and kickflips however high you can go. Even better, this year’s more obtuse kicktail means you won’t have to slam the board down as far to pop the board up, making it an easier to freestyle all around! Don’t worry if you bomb hills though, cause the wheelflares are still there for you lean your sole up against! Plus, an extra inch of wheelbase options means you can dial in your perfect stance, make those tails last longer and have an ever slashier setup for those narrowly inclined alleys and back streets.

Cruise : 7 / 10

Freestyle : 10 / 10

Freeride : 9 / 10

Downhill : 8 / 10

Weight : 4.5 lbs

Stiffness : 8 / 10

The recommended weight forriding this board is equal or below 280 lbs


What’s inside the board?

Two pre tensioned, pre cured fibreglass layers sandwich five plies of epoxy laminated Hard Rock Canadian Maple to make this board a beast. A classic Maple board construction maximizes trick potential. High strength fibreglass fortifies the board and makes it immune to warping.


Pop + Control + Durability.

The pre tensioned, pre cured fibreglass is an even stronger alternative to traditional triaxial fibreglass. Not only can it withstand even more wear and tear, but its physical properties also boost the board with pop as if your special meter were full. And with more progressive micro-drops, you’ll be sending those ollies straight up, guaranteed.


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