Zenit Joe 2.0 Longboard Deck

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The Joe is 45 "long

Axle Assembly: Top Mount

Rigid and efficient board for Dancing and Cross-stepping

Comfort and ease!

The Joe is our widest dancing board. Its spacious platform is most suitable for those with well
endowed feet, or simply those who prefer their board to be big and boaty. Smaller riders, fear not!
The Joe is designed to provide ample walking room, meaning this could also be a great dancing
focused board to learn how to step one foot over the other! Steezy, baby!

Cruise: 6.5/10

Freestyle: 7/10

Dancing: 10/10

Weight: 5.5

Stiffness: 7/10

The recommended rider weight for this board is below 260 lbs.

Price for board only