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Every customer's happiness is our ultimate goal. You can ride an electric skateboard for many reasons, including commuting, spending time in nature, walking your dog in the neighborhood, meeting up with friends, or just having fun. The mission of Wowgo is to provide everyone with an enjoyable e-skateboarding experience.

Main Specs

• Top Speed:          45kph / 28mph 
• Real Range:         23 km / 14.3 miles  (90mm wheels) 
• Battery:              12S2P, 5.0Ah, 50.4V. 
• Board Weight:     18 lb / 8.2 kg 
• Wheelbase:         31.4 in / 80 cm 
• Hub Motors:        550 W * 2 
• Wheel-size:         90mm / 105 mm 
• Hill Climbing:       25-30% 
• Charging Time:    2.5~3h