Skatebolt Tornado Pro A

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Deck Material: 8-Layer Maple


Low Mode: 7.2 mph/12kmph

Medium Mode: 17.4 mph/28kmph

High Mode: 26 mph/42kmph

Pro Mode: Accelerate Faster

Range: 24miles/38km

Motor: 350W x 2 (700W in All, wheel sleeves are replaceable)

Hills: 25° Steep Climbing

Battery: 7500 mAh 18650 Power Lithium Cell (High Safety)

Taillight: Yes

Wheels: 90mm PU

Board Size: 38 x 11 x 5.5 inch/970 x 280 x 140 mm

Packing List: Tornado Pro A/Remote x 1/Charger x 1/T Tool x 1/Manual x 1

Warranty: 6 Months (covers quality problems including battery, motherboard, motor, remote control, etc. External damages are excluded.)


Differences between Tornado II and Tornado Pro A

  • Motor: 700W (Tornado Pro A) vs 500W (Tornado II) - A more powerful motor means higher speed.
  • Replaceable Wheel Sleeves: All wheel sleeves for Tornado Pro A are replaceable. As for Tornado II, the sleeves on the back wheels are not replaceable because they are integrated with the motors. To replace them means you have to replace the motors together.