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Here comes Shoe Goo Black 3.7 oz! This stuff is a heavy-duty-no-nonsense-problem-solver, perfect for repairing worn in shoes or blown out heels. This bad boy works on everything from leather and rubber, to vinyl and canvas and is even waterproof. There's no mess and it's easy to use. The goo dries to a flexible rubber, so it easily repairs without breaking or cracking.


  • Adhesive specially formulated with extra abrasion-resistance and thickness to extend the life of all kinds of shoes
  • Works on leather, rubber, vinyl, and canvas
  • Water resistant immediately upon application
  • Dries to a flexible rubber and repairs without breaking or cracking
  • 24 hour repair dry; allow 48-72 hours for maximum strength
  • Shoe GOO is best applied when used between 70 °F and 85 °F (21 °C and 29 °C)