Sector 9 Shoots Stinger Complete Longboard

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Whether it’s across the world, to the bottom of the sea, or the furthest reaches of space, it feels like this year’s boards are all about taking a trip. It makes sense considering we make skateboards, but the trip doesn’t always have to be so crazy or involved. We’ve taken the idea that a journey can be as easy as travelling to the beach for the day, and we’ve embraced that simplicity in the new Vagabond Bamboo Collection. The decks are dipped in dark, muted colors over Caramelized Bamboo bottom plies with natural Bamboo stringers. This simple treatment is complimented by clean badges showing various beach landscapes, created by returning illustrator and artist, Daniel Sheridan. We want you to get out there one way or another, and the Vagabond Bamboo Collection is a perfect start.

Carving +
Length: 33.5”
Width: 8.7”
Wheelbase: 24.25”

5 Ply Bamboo
Color Dipped Nose
Caramelized Bamboo Top & Bottom Plies
Natural Bamboo Stringers on Bottom Ply
Drop Thru
Art by Daniel Sheridan