KingSong KS S18 Molicel

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KingSong KS S18 Molicel 2200W Electric Unicycle (EUC) with Suspension - 903WH - Black

Kingsong S18 - Molicel Version

With the addition of the optional upgraded Molicel P42a batteries, the King Song S18 suspension wheel gains a significant power boost.

Upgraded Batteries

The S18's new batch features a 903Wh Molicel P42A battery that offers a range of up to 50 kilometers per charge. The new battery pack provides up to four times the amount of power over standard LG M50LT cells.

Powerful Motor

This battery still provides a great deal of power even when it is low on charge, ensuring that your last few miles on your ride are just as enjoyable as the first. With a 2200W motor, you can travel at a speed of up to 50 km/h.