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Inmotion V8F 1000W Electric Unicycle ( EUC )

With the upgraded Inmotion V8F Electric Unicycle, your experience will be even better. An incredibly improved 1000w motor power beneath your feet with responsive acceleration and braking is a deal breaker. From the moment you step on Inmotion V8F, you'll be wondering how it's possible, but it's all due to the supremely engineered components, motor, and battery system. The V8F euc comes with even larger 16" x 2.125" wheel compared to the older V8, that offers a smooth experience on almost any terrain. The built-in extendable handle bar makes this Inmotion V8F Canada easier to pull when you are not riding so that you'll never get stuck carrying your machine. Tall & slim design offers ergonomics like no other. You can mount and dismount with ease and stop and go in total comfort. V8F's larger grip tape pedals 5" x 9.5" give you incredible grip and maneuverability without your pedals ever touching the ground. V8F's bright headlamp and fully adjustable side LED lights ensure you'll see the road ahead and be seen when you want to be seen. Compatible with the new Inmotion / Solowheel app for iOS and Android, riders have access to live-stats, calibration, diagnostics, light customization, new ride modes and much more with this V8F Inmotion.