GTS Carbon Super

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  • First VESC set up muscle board with smart functions 
  • Power on the board by just remote
  • Motor lock function when you get off the board
  • Set acceleration/brake curve by remote 
  • Change different wheels/pulleys and set the info by remote 
  • 6374 Dual Motor 170KV with waterproof port to VESC
  • 12S4P Panasonic 852Wh fat battery cells 
  • 32mph basic top speed and hit 35~37mph by different gear ratio
  • Quick install different size wheels from 90mm to 175mm 
  • Climbing: 46%~50%  when board is on higher power
  • 41inch*10inch Muscle Carbon Fiber Deck Maroon Red 
  • adjustable Belt tension motor mount 
  • Shipping by air /sea 
  • Range with RS105/125 wheels:  40~50KM
  • Range with Cloudwheels: 60~65KM
  • Range with TB110 or ABEC or Orangatang wheels:65~75KM
  • You will be able to try any different wheels on the GTS Carbon Super as you want.
  • TOP SPEED: 50~60km/h
  • RANGE:  45~65km
  • MOTOR: 3500W*2 performance 6374 motors
  • Belt tension: YES
  • HILLS: 46%~50% 
  • BATTERY: Panasonic 21700 battery pack 12S4P | 852Wh
  • DECK : Muscle Carbon Deck Maroon Red 
  • DECK Szie : 41inch*10 inch longer and wider enough
  • TRUCK Type: DKP
    Drive Gear/Pulley: Precision CNC custom made with aluminum alloy
  • WHEELS: Eovan Super RSSeries & AT Series
  • Driving Model: L/D/S/EOVAN Race mode 20kph/35kph/45kph/50~60km/h
  • Remote: Wireless | big battery | color screen | high speed & low battery warning
  • WEIGHT: 13.5KG
  • MAX LOAD: 130 kg / 286 lbs
  • BRAKING: Smooth but powerful braking control with regenerative recharging