G4X - 4WD

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The BajaBoard G4X is the POWERHOUSE of the BajaBoard family.

With 4 motors (one driving each wheel), the G4X will accelerate you from 0 to 50kph in just 3 seconds.  

For general cruising, the front motors can be switched off to conserve battery.  And they can be switched on remotely the moment you hit a rough patch.

G4X has in-built TRACTION CONTROL and ELECTRONIC DIFFERENTIAL which you can disable. It's also no slouch when it comes to range - with a 180-190lbs rider, the G4X is capable of reaching up to and OVER 30KM on a single charge.  

Board Specification:

  • Four Wheel Drive - Each wheel driven by a 63mm motor

  • 900Wh Battery

  • Top speed up to 59kph / 36mph

  • Range up to 32km / 20mi

  • Weight 25kg / 55lbs

  • Maximum rider weight 150kg / 330lbs

  • Recharge time 4hrs

  • Available spring colors: red, green, blue

  • With latest headlights & brake lights