90mm TORQUE Wheels

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90mm TORQUE Wheels.. with the same TORQUE Thane Formula as our most popular 110mm TORQUE Wheels in 74A Duro.

These ultra soft and plush wheels will give you insane grip when riding for higher speeds 25+ mph. The perfect thane formula for an electric skateboard with a standard contact patch of 52mm. Formulated and tested for no wheel chunking.

All the great benefits of our 110mm TORQUE Wheels without the massive size, weight and wider contact patch.

These wheels are ideal for short and smaller boards where weight and size matter.

Why 90mm TORQUE Wheels vs 110mm TORQUE Wheels?

90mm TORQUE Wheels are compact and lightweight. Perfect for your mini cruiser or longboard decks that run between 29" - 36" in length. They are extremely grippy designed to stick to the ground when traveling at higher speeds.

Larger and high performance electric skateboards will definitely benefit more from our most popular 110mm TORQUE Wheels if you value high performance, insane grip and comfortably over weight and size.


  • Diameter: 90mm
  • Durometer: 74a
  • Contact Patch: 52mm
  • Core Compatibility: Will fit typical standard 10 core spoke pulleys.
  • Made in California